Cricket Betting

Cricket Betting in India

Cricket Betting


The gambling laws in India have divided betting activities into two major types:

Games of Chance

Games of Skill

So what exactly are games of chance?

Games of chance refer to betting on an outcome that the player has no control over. Let us explain that with an example.

Say you are at a casino and would like to play on a Slot machine. You take your seat, put in your bet, and start playing. However, the outcome of your bet is purely based on your luck! No amount of skill or knowledge on your part can help you win your wager on a Slot machine or similar games such as Roulette.

Even without formal laws that regulate online betting sites in India, the Indian betting industry is estimated to be worth $60 billion! And it is all thanks to the Indian passion for wagering on fun card games as well as our undying passion for sports such as cricket!

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