Cricket betting guide

Cricket betting guide

Cricket betting guide





Cricket is a ball and bat sport played between two teams. The sport originated in England and was brought to Australia when the continent was colonized by the British Empire. Cricket is a worldwide sport, although it was played mainly in the Commonwealth countries that used to be part of the British Empire. There are several different varieties of the game in modern times, as its popularity has caused the sport to evolve.


Test Match Cricket

The original format of cricket was called Test match cricket, which was played over five days with each team batting twice. This format is still played today, but as it is quite long, it is only followed by hard cricket supporters. Betting on Test cricket can be done on various sites, but it is quite a difficult task to do, especially as there are often no results in a Test match play. If both teams are still playing after five days, the game is decided as a draw to prevent it from continuing forever. Making a bet on this can not only be difficult but also frustrating, as predicting the outcome is not easy.


Limited Overs Match

Limited overs are the same idea as Test cricket betting, except that each team is limited to fifty overs per side and can only bat once. The team with the highest runs at the end of the fifty overs will win the match. These matches are usually played in the space of one day. Placing a bet on a limited-overs cricket game is much more rewarding than betting on a cricket match as there is always a game result. It is still possible to have a draw if both teams finish on the same amount of runs, but this does not happen very often. Many online sites accept bets on limited cricket, although you will have to qualify for the site's criteria to create a membership with them.


T-20 Cricket

T-20 cricket is a faster version of a limited overs match. Both teams have just twenty overs each to bat and score as many runs as possible. This version is becoming increasingly popular as the entire match can be over within three hours.


Many of the Major League games will include two teams playing on the same field on the same day, back to back, which gives the spectator or bettor value for money. There is always an outcome to these games, and the fast pace keeps everyone's attention. When placing a wager on a T-20 game, it is always a good idea to stay close to a television or handheld device to monitor how the game is progressing.