Twenty20 Cricket: A New and Exciting Cricket Style

Twenty20 Cricket: A New and Exciting Cricket Style

Twenty20 Cricket: A New and Exciting Cricket Style



Very soon after we have celebrated the magnificence of IPL Season 2, the ICC World Cup T20 2009 is yet to begin. Yes, we are referring to cricket Twenty20, a particularly thrilling variation of the game. For those who are still unaware of how Twenty20 cricket speeds up the enthusiasm surrounding cricket, here is how it works:


It is a fast-paced variation of cricket, a traditional game also referred to as the game of gentlemen. Test cricket is the traditional form of the game, with each game lasting five days and including 90 overs. One Day International (ODI), which takes almost a full day to complete, is a faster form of cricket in which both teams’ bat for 50 overs apiece. Twenty20 Cricket, the most recent variant of the game, is a recently developed style of cricket in which:


Each team has 20 overs to play, and each bowler is limited to a maximum of 4 overs.

Since each team only must face a very small number of balls, the emphasis is on scoring as many runs as possible.

Because the game is over quickly, there is a lower likelihood of a batsman being out, which is why every batsman tries to hit the ball past the boundaries, among other reasons.


Since teams aim to score runs as quickly as possible, the entire game essentially turns into a festival of fours and sixes. Hard-core test cricketers may be seen slogging toward long on entirely against their own betting strategies. The conflict between bat and bowl continues throughout the entire show as fielders chase the bowl while bowlers continue to attempt to strike the block hole and bowl Yorkers. The likelihood of a player committing a mistake decreases as a direct result. Because the batsman on strike constantly aims to hit the next ball over your head, you may easily lose the game if you miss a catch or allow the bowl to past the boundary.


Huge totals, speedy outfields, excellent fielding, and of course, the absence of any individual large runs have come to characterize this variation of cricket where glamor has been in power. Since Twenty20 matches are far more likely to draw sizable crowds, events like the IPL (Indian Premier League) and other domestic tournaments, where sponsors keep a lot of money on the line, are possible.

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