In the glare of the wobbling ball, Siraj thrives

In the glare of the wobbling ball, Siraj thrives

In the glare of the wobbling ball, Siraj thrives



Mohammed Siraj felt the need to reposition the ball into the right-handers during the final IPL season. He was becoming predictable with his bowling because he had just outswing left in his arsenal. As a result, he had his poorest season ever in terms of economy and average, and he even broke the unwelcome record for most sixes allowed in a season.

The year 2023 feels like a whole different era in Siraj's career. By taking wickets with the new ball game after game, he is virtually solely to blame for India's revival with the ball in the PowerPlay overs. He has regained some of his confidence, and he has improved the wobble ball. The same delivery served as the foundation for his 4-for-32 performance against Sri Lanka in the third ODI.

After India's historic victory in Thiruvananthapuram, Siraj stated, "I used to get natural inswing but I lost it, therefore I developed outswing and concentrated on the wobble seam delivery." "It took me a long time to become effective at it and to get confidence in it. I put in a lot of work in the nets, and during the IPL, I started to feel confident in my ability to bowl. The wobble seam also helped me when I spoke to Dale Steyn about my poor outswing during the IPL.

"I believed that I should also focus on my white-ball abilities when I had a poor IPL. I followed through with that, and after a few successful bouts, I gained confidence. I've been able to help myself by ceasing to think about performance right now. I'm concentrating on hitting every ball. It doesn't matter if I get wickets or not; what matters is that my lines and lengths are constant."

How can he overcome the lack of an inswinger by bowling the wobbling ball? "The ball outswings naturally because of how I handle the ball. I slightly lean it toward fine leg and really strike the deck when I bowl a jumbled seam. When I bowl the wobble ball, I don't bowl a loopy delivery.

"Neither I nor the batter can predict which way the ball will travel in the wobbling seam. Sometimes it travels straight, and other times it travels in a lateral direction. Any success I had was a result of the wobbling seam. I trust it because it's worked well for me and is highly effective."

Siraj has the highest total of wickets for both teams in the three-match ODI series against Sri Lanka, finishing with nine. The fact that the series was played on excellent batting wickets stands out.

"This series performed admirably. With the fresh ball, I intended to pick off players and provide pressure to the middle order. I was attempting to swing the ball, so being hit for boundaries wasn't a problem "explained Siraj.

Siraj narrowly fell short of a first-ever five-wicket haul in a white-ball international match that evening. Mohammed Shami and Shreyas Iyer both rolled their arms over to assist him in getting to the milestone, but he was unable to reach it. There was nothing, though, that could match to the last ball of his stint, which trapped Kasun Rajitha on the back pad and caused the umpire to point, only for the DRS to end all of that.

India will take as many four-wicket hauls from Siraj as they can given the way he is bowling this year, especially with a World Cup match scheduled to be played at home. Furthermore, "the four wickets are all his and the fifers will come too," as his captain Rohit Sharma declared following the game.


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