Green prepares for the difficulties that lie ahead

Green prepares for the difficulties that lie ahead

Green prepares for the difficulties that lie ahead



Cameron Green has declared himself fit for the third Test against India. The all-rounder missed the first two Test matches as he was healing from a finger injury. Australia chose not to push him back, despite the fact that he was training in Delhi prior to the second Test.

I only seldom attempted a sweep in the nets and unintentionally jarred the end of my bat. We merely thought about giving up a game, and given the upcoming year, we most likely made the proper choice. Green said, "I've got a lot of trust in it, and the last two weeks have been extremely great."

The all-revival rounder's is a huge win for the visitors, who are trailing the series 0-2 at this point. He offers Australia extra choices for their starting eleven not only as a capable right-handed middle-order batsman but also because of his potential to develop into a competent seamer.

Green's participation gives the squad an advantageous alternative on the bowling front in addition to what he has been planning with the bat, given the pacers Pat Cummins will miss the third Test and Mitchell Starc will continue to work toward completing his own complete comeback from injury.

"I was looking forward to having a couple of weeks at home to just refresh and then essentially going back into sweeping a lot, getting back into my subcontinent talents," I thought to myself after the game at the MCG. Green admitted that "it's been a bit slower than perhaps what I was expecting" to go back out there and enhance his talents after being voted Man of the Match in the subcontinent for Australia's victory in Sri Lanka the previous year. Simply said, those are injuries in general and cricket. Green declared, "I'm delighted with the process I've gone through," adding that he was getting ready for the many difficulties in India. "These things can never really be rushed."

The first two games allow you to have a pretty excellent view from the sidelines without really feeling like you were there, which is definitely a benefit. The pitch here doesn't bounce as much as it did in Galle. Trying to read the circumstances and determine what to do in various situations is definitely another thing I'm learning about my game.

That's been wonderful about seeing the first two games, he said, since you can figure out what the best strategy is. After that, I guess we just have to wait and see what Indore brings. We only have to wait and see what Indore provides.

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