Overview of Cricket



Overview of Cricket

Films about England that are set in the 1700s and 1800s frequently have scenes with the sport of cricket. Given that cricket predates baseball by at least 300 years, it may appear a lot like American baseball, but it is different. Everyone from the royal family to the lowest commoner appears to enjoy playing the game, regardless of social standing. Additionally, it was played by everyone who was aware of the rules and had the necessary tools. The children hid in the wardrobe after the ball smashed a window, and as a result, they wound up in Narnia and had a fantastic adventure on their hands. This incident was recently depicted in the film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.


Cricket has a protracted and complicated history. The first recorded game of cricket was played in 1598, according to a written record. Due to its widespread appeal, it was made exclusively an adult game in 1611 and was mentioned in a Shakespeare play. The game was deemed "respectable" by the London magistrate and could be played without fear of retaliation or jail time after nearly two centuries of being on the verge of being outlawed by the nation's puritanical zealots because it led people to bet on the games, riot for teams, get arrested for horrible behavior, or skip church on Sundays to play.


In 1788, the Marylebone Cricket Club published the "Laws of Cricket," which set down some rules for how the game should be played and stipulated consequences for infractions. The length of the pitch from the pitcher to the hitter was specified in the statutes. They specified the distance between the pitching crease and the bowling crease as well. The hitter was instructed to wait for the pitch in the bowling crease. It discussed the wicket's precise dimensions as well as the ball's recommended weight. Prior until 1864, when over arm bowling was permitted, the ball was always thrown underhand. The throw from this was what shattered the window in the Narnia movie.


Before the Civil War, people played the game of cricket, which served as a means of distraction from internal political unrest in the country. Cricket's inaugural international match took place in 1844. Canada and the United States were the competing teams. Cricket participated in the Olympic Games only once, in 1900, and never achieved an Olympic position. This involved a five-day match between France and Great Britain. This was the customary length of a game until it was condensed to a single day of play in the 1960s. Unfortunately, after an Australia-New Zealand game in 1981, underarm bowling pitching was not permitted. In the incident, the Australian side's captain instructed his pitcher to throw with his underarm in an effort to prevent the New Zealand team from scoring any additional runs.

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